“I cannot recommend Stuart and Andrew enough! Everything from the colour match through to finish was so quick and easy. I’m over the moon with the end results and even happier with the really positive comments from people. I’ve had my system over a week now and would say if you’re thinking about it… do it! Thanks again guys.”

Mike Grant

“I had my consultation & Fitting with Andrew which was great, really gave me the confidence to take this step, the whole process was so smooth and having had my system on for a few weeks, I can’t believe the difference it has made. I actually look 10 years younger. Thank you so much Andrew, look forward to seeing you again in a few months”

Colin Night

“Hey Stuart, Just want to say thanks again for today! I am Super happy with my new hair system – everyone at work really loves it! :-)) I can’t wait to see the new photos and videos. Really impressed with you guys from start to finish, I feel like a new man. I have a few friends that could do with one of these so will definitely be recommending you. Thanks again and see you soon.”

Daniel Wrench

Male Hair Replacement Systems

We can give you the opportunity to change your life and your appearance with an innovative, non-surgical hair replacement system, that suits anyone and every lifestyle in a truly simple, undetectable and affordable way.

Our hair replacement systems are high-quality hair pieces made with 100% real human hair. The hair system is designed to replace completely or partially the top of the head where the balding or thinning area is and cover any receding hairline, giving you a brand new set of hair and a younger and fresher look.



Our systems do not need removing when you go to bed. Your hair system will stay fixed and securely in place whilst your sleeping!


Just like regular hair, you can shower and wash your hair as normal. We recommend your system to be washed once or twice per week.


Work out, lift weights, go running – your hair system will remain secure and undetectable at all times, leaving you to get on and stay active.


Yes! You can even go swimming wearing your new hair system. Our systems are attached with a waterproof adhesive to give you that maximum hold!

Our offer to you

A life-Changing, Ultra-Realistic Look

Get any desired hair-style and look.

High Quality, Real Human Hair

Available in various colours, lengths and styles.

Undetectable, Natural Hairline

Realistic hairline made possible with gradual hair density.

All booking and consultations by strictly appointment only via:


We have created and designed an integrated hair system that is not only 100% undetectable but at an affordable price. All systems by us are made using the very latest technology and skilled craftsmanship.


In Salon Service


All our consultations are conducted Face 2 Face in our own Salons. We do not, unlike other hair integration companies offer online consultations.

We believe the importance of meeting our clients and fully understanding your needs.

During your consultation you will learn how our hair systems are made, what it is like to wear a system, the benefits, how to maintain and look after your system.

Our consultations last around 45 minutes, you can request a booking on our website and select your desired salon for your appointment.


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Bespoke Men's Hair

Replacement Systems

From £595

Once you have had your first system, we offer all clients the option of choosing one of our monthly payment plans to cover the cost of your future systems, please ask your salon consultant for details.

All NEU Hair 4 Men systems include:

Bespoke template taken of your head shape

Bespoke integrated hair system

Colour Match Service

Hairline re-creation

Hairstyle Design

100% Human Hair

Price Includes the fitting, cut, blow-dry and styling of your hair system

Free NEU Hair 4 Men Shampoo
& Conditioner

First Maintenance visit Included.


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Full Maintenance


We recommend you maintain your system by visiting your salon. Your maintenance visit will include a clean, wash and refit of your system, scalp cleaned and exfoliated followed by a blow-dry and further cut if required.

During your maintenance visit your stylist will be on-hand to offer any further training and advice if required,

Depending on the type of life-style you lead will determine the number of visits you require, however we do strongly recommend at least 1 visit per month.

*Maintenance charges are dependent
on your individual stylist.
Easy monthly payment plans available,
please contact us for full details.


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